How To Wear: Your Boyfriend’s (or any other guy’s) Clothes

Hey Ladies!

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite fall/winter styles: men’s clothing. When I was in college, I went through a phase where I was wearing more men’s clothes than women’s. One of my best friends asked me why I wasn’t contented with women’s wear. I honestly hadn’t given it much thought prior to her question, but I realized that men’s tops eliminate my biggest fashion conundrum: my proportions.

I have a size small waist and size large boobs. This sounds like an amazing thing, but I can assure you it comes with its struggles.  If I’m trying to wear anything that isn’t body-con, I can guarantee you it doesn’t fit properly somewhere on my body. Now when this happens in men’s clothing, it looks chic, oversized, and intentional. In woman’s tops, it looks like I have no idea how to dress myself. Thus, my collection of men’s shirts and sweaters.

I’ve managed to acquire a lot of these over the years and I haven’t paid for much of it. Pay attention to the men in your lives. Do they wear things you could wear? Are they clearing out their closets? Grab their old stuff! It costs you nothing, you don’t have to worry about breaking anything in and there’s even the potential for added sentimental value. I have a sweater I took from my dad that actually belonged to my grandpa, who has passed away. I had no idea, but it makes me smile every time I put it on thinking about the connection it draws between the three of us.

That being said, if there’s no one around willing to part with their things, don’t be afraid to shop men’s! It can feel intimidating at first, but you have every right to wear what you like. I definitely recommend this for sweaters. They tend to be cheaper for men – for no real reason – and they have a comfier fit.

If you’re new to this trend, I’ve put together a few looks that are super approachable and can be recreated with things I bet you already have in your closet.


Black and gray flannel over black distressed jeans with black high top sneakers. Photo by Mara Lucas.

For starters, I put together a really casual look. My brother has this flannel and after desperately trying to talk him into giving it to me, I went to Target and bought my own. It’s very comfortable, it fits nicely and it goes well with EVERYTHING. I wear it all the time. I have it pared with some distressed black jeans and my black high top Adidas. Perfect with a beanie for a colder day.


Burgundy men's sweatshirt over gray joggers with black Dr. Marten's boots. Photo by Mara Lucas.

For the next outfit, I went for cute-comfy. I’m pretty sure I ‘borrowed’ this sweater from my dad. I wear a lot of black and gray so the color pairs perfectly with most of my closet. I threw on some joggers for maximum comfort. The boots are Dr. Marten’s and they were definitely an investment. BUT I wear them all the time, plus they’re rubber so they double as my rain boots!


I picked a chunky sweater as my third piece. This one I took from my dad after he lost a ton of weight. It’s quite comfortable and gets the baggy look I love. The sleeves are long so I typically cuff them once – twice if I’m doing anything messy – and they’re good to go. I went with my gray jeans for this outfit. I like tucking my oversized sweaters in a little to the side of my jeans, so that they don’t completely swallow me. I opted for my black suede over the knee boots to add some extra style. They make the look feminine and classy, but obviously you can dress this down for a more low-key day.

Ultimately, men’s clothes offer comfort and a relaxed look, while still being cute and trendy. You can make all kinds of trendy outfits with this approach. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you feel like you’ve lost your lady-like charm, throw on some jewelry or a bright lipstick and strut like the Queen you are.

Here’s to loving your look!




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