How To Wear: Over The Knee Boots

Hey Ladies!

Today, I wanted to put one of my favorite accessories in the spotlight: over the knee boots. These super trendy shoes come in a wide variety and can be used to add a little extra class to any outfit. I own two pairs at the moment, one with a very low heel (no more than an inch and a half) and a pair with a higher heel. When I bought my first pair, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to style them, so I wanted to take some time to break down how I like to pair them, so you don’t have to worry about making them look good if you’re trying them out for the first time. As for my veterans, hopefully you’ll find some new styles to experiment with!

Look 1

Gray and black over the knee boots, green skater skirt, and black graphic tank. Photo by Mara Lucas

I want to begin with my more casual pair. They’re a little less intimidating and a good place to get started. For the first outfit, I styled them with a green skater shirt and graphic sleeveless tank top. It’s a quick, fun outfit that works for basically any occasion. A cute top paired with a skirt is a combination that can (almost) never go wrong. Because of the way this particular tank is cut, it has to be tucked into the skirt otherwise it looks wonky. I recommend wearing shorts under your skirts, unless they’re knee length or so fitted that you’d notice, because you never know what could happen. Since I always have them on, I find it easiest to tuck my shirt into my shorts, instead of the skirt, because I have to do less maintenance to my look throughout the day.

Look 2

Black and gray over the knee boots, gray and black color block dress, silver skinny belt. Photo by Mara Lucas

I wanted to do something more office ready with the second outfit, so I paired this belted color-block sweater dress with my boots. Because the dress is a few different shades of gray, it didn’t bother me that the boots and belt weren’t quite the same colors. I love a neutral color palette with a pop of brightly colored lipstick. It’s my go-to formula!

Look 3

Black over the knee boots, gray skinny jeans, and blue pinstripe button down. Photo by Mara Lucas

For this outfit, I wanted something a little bit dressier, but with more of a street style flair. So I grabbed my blue striped button down and gray jeans to go with my black suede over the knee boots. By pairing the more formal boots with jeans, you’re able to live somewhere in the middle while still giving your look a little edge. Loosely tucking the shirt in also helps to add to that effortlessly trendy style.

Look 4

Black suede over the knee boots, black bodycon dress, white skinny belt, and teal kimono. Photo by Mara Lucas

For my last look, I wanted something straight up dressy. So I grabbed my heeled over the knee boots, a black bodycon dress, and my green kimono. I love the kimono because it gives a vintage glamour to my outfits. Plus, the texture of it adds some dimension to the aesthetic. The white belt I chose for the contrast to both the black and the green. Without the kimono on, it helps the add shape to the look by adding a brightness at the waist line. If you’re trying to avoid drawing attention to your waistline, I’d recommend swapping the belt for statement jewelry. A chunky necklace or some fun earrings will help bring attention to the top of your look without anyone being the wiser!

Do you have looks you’re trying to create with over the knee boots? Need more help figuring out how to build your outfit?

Leave me pictures or descriptions in the comments and I’ll help you build the perfect outfit for your style! Or you can check out my Over The Knee Boot Pinterest board here!

Here’s to loving your look!




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