Style Guide: Socks

Hey Ladies!

This week I want to take a second to highlight a fashion accessory everyone has, socks! If you haven’t started using socks to your advantage when it comes to styling, you’re missing out. It’s so easy to add a little extra flair to an outfit by featuring cute socks. I keep several different types of socks at all times, since each serves a different purpose. At any given time, I have ankle socks, crew socks, knee high socks, and over the knee socks. I’m going to be giving examples of how to use crew, knee high, and over the knee socks to get the most out of your look.

Crew Socks:

Black Dr. Marten rain boots, Black and white striped socks, black high waisted skinny jeans. Photo by Mara Lucas

Typically if you can see my crew socks it’s because they’re holding my jeans in place in a pair of boots. They’re really handy and can add a pop of color or pattern to your look. I do this when I wear my Dr. Marten’s since they have a tendency to pull my socks off otherwise and half-on socks are the worst.

Knee High Socks:

Black leather ankle boots, scrunched gray knee high socks, black leggings, blue and black plaid boyfriend button down, gray infinity scarf. Photo by Mara Lucas

Knee socks are great for giving that scrunched up look at the top of a shoe. I use this look with my ankle boots because I like the texture it gives, but I sometimes do this with sneakers if my leggings don’t quite reach the tops of them. I have small ankles and they get cold very easily, so a little extra coverage there always does me good.

Over The Knee Socks:

Black leather ankle boots, gray over the knee socks, black skater dress, gray skinny belt. Photo by Mara Lucas

This is one of my favorite looks, but it definitely took me a while to figure out how to make it work for me. I like over the knee socks paired with short boots, especially when there’s a color contrast. Without color contrast, they can be used to create the look of over the knee boots, which is also handy if you’re not ready to invest in a pair, but still want the silhouette. They also work nicely with over the knee boots to add an extra layer of warmth, plus an accent color. This is especially useful if your boots and the rest of your outfit are the same color. It can help to break that up a little so you don’t become a blob of one color.

You’ll see this pop up in future stylings, I’m sure, but if you need help figuring out how to incorporate these looks into your personal style, check out my Pinterest board here for some added inspiration!

Here’s to loving your look!





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