Style Guide: The ‘Nothing To Wear’ Days

Hey Ladies!

Today I want to talk about a problem I run into quite a bit, the days where nothing feels good on. This is one of my biggest fashion struggles. I’ll go through outfit after outfit, pulling out everything in my closet and still nothing will satisfy me. While these days are tough, there is definitely a way to get through them! The guide below will help you make something out of even your most ‘meh’ days.

First, let’s tackle the root of the problem. I find that I experience these days most often when I am:

  1. On my period
  2. Not sure how I want to look for an event
  3. Not sure what kind of mood I’m in
  4. Not happy with myself in general

Each of these problems comes with a solution, so let’s break them down one by one.

1. On My Period

If I’m feeling bloated it’s hard for me to feel confident about anything I put on. Not only am I uncomfortable in my skin, my body has taken on new proportions that can make my clothes look ill-fitting. One quick way to counter this is to opt for high waisted bottoms. This way, you can zip everything in and stick to your style. High waisted pants and shorts are very flattering and can easily be worked into any look.

You could also go for a trendy, but comfortable option, such as joggers with a cute t-shirt or sweater. If you’re trying to avoid form fitting pieces, I highly recommend and oversized tee tucked in a the waist. It’s a super cute way to give yourself some breathing room.

2. Not Sure How I Want To Look

I have a tendency to go above and beyond when it comes to the dress code of an event. I love getting to dress to the nines any chance I get. And I lean towards looking cute for mundane tasks too. Sometimes this means I get caught up debating the merits of each level of formality with myself. I’ll put on a skirt and heels to run to the grocery store and then feel funny and change into something completely different. But often my heart is still set on looking cute, so I end up going through a ton of options before settling on something I can throw together in 30 seconds because I’ve run out of time.

The underpinning of the problem here is setting the bar unnecessarily high for low-key occasions, or being ‘extra’. By choosing to be extra, I put pressure on myself to achieve a standard no one really needs from me, which makes it that much more difficult to accomplish anything at all. Moral of the story, dress for the task at hand and you can’t go wrong.

3. Not Sure What Kind of Mood I’m In

I wear a lot of black. A lot of it. But some days that just doesn’t fit my vibe. The next question becomes what does? And that is a difficult one to answer sometimes. I find that the easiest way to handle this situation is to pick one thing you want to wear that day. That could be a headband or a pair of shoes or a particular piece of jewelry.

Designate your starting item and then build your outfit from there. If you choose a bright red lip, you might opt for a black and white striped tee and some skinny jeans. If you pick a lace headband, perhaps you choose a cute blouse and skirt combo with a leather jacket for contrast. No matter what you end up with, you’ll be starting with a solid foundation because you have at least one thing in your look that works for you.

4. Not Happy With Myself

This is both extraordinarily simple and incredibly complex. If you can’t find anything to wear that makes you feel good because you aren’t at peace with yourself,  you already know exactly what the root of the problem is. Setting about fixing it can be less clear. You’ll need to do some soul searching to figure out what exactly you’re unhappy with.

Find out which pieces of yourself you haven’t fallen in love with and dedicate yourself to changing that. That could mean taking control of your health. It could be standing in front of the mirror and reminding yourself how beautiful you are. It could be changing your haircut or color to something that makes you feel more confident. Don’t be afraid to take time to delve into yourself and assess your needs. We all have them and the sooner we clue into what they are, the happier and more successful we have the ability to be in everything that we do. It all begins with loving you!

Here’s to loving you and to loving your look!




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