Welcome to High Maintenance | Low Budget

     I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered myself to be a great shopper. I’m good at talking myself out of buying things that I don’t actually need and wearing my clothes to hole-ridden death. And yet… I receive compliments on my outfits, often, from all types of people. Moms, friends, coworkers, and random store clerks alike have noticed my love for style and penchant for pairing pieces in unique ways.


     Recently, I was referred to as looking ‘high maintenance’ by a male coworker, and friend, of my mother’s. Initially, I was offended. That’s not exactly a compliment. In fact, it makes all kinds of assumptions about what kind of person I am based on nothing but my outfit.


     But what really got me is that I was wearing an assortment of random things from my closet, almost none of which were expensive. I realized that I had pulled off a look that convinced that guy that I required nice, expensive things on an H&M and sale rack budget.


     It’s super easy to do and doesn’t need to cost much. My goal is to show you how to keep fashion forward styling without draining your bank account.


Here’s to loving your look!